Hupačasath Youth Explore ʕiił-či-y̓ak, Dog Mountain

Since time immemorial the Hupačasath people have enjoyed their lands and all of the bounty it provides.  A day on Dog Mountain (ʕiił-či-y̓ak) with the Hupačasath Youth enjoying all the mountain has to offer is something the community is happy to encourage.

The day started early in the morning boating across Sproat Lake taking in all the beauty of the Kleekhoot Arm of the lake on route to Dog Mountain.  Proceeding to Two Rivers Arm (haʔaʔma) and landing on Dog Mountain the Youth received instructions on gathering Morel Mushrooms that thrive in burned forested areas.   The Youth enjoyed learning about the best places to find the expensive delicacy and enjoyed a day hiking, collecting and learning in their traditional home.   The day finished off with the Youth swimming in popular spots on the lake and viewing the “K’ak’awin” Petroglyphs.

“We are happy we have the tools, resources and the time to ensure all of our people are in our territories continuing our traditional practices.  Some things cannot be learned in a classroom and must be experienced!” said Chief Councillor Steven Tatoosh. “Our Youth are our most important resource and taking the time to show them first hand their lands and all that it has to offer one of the greatest priorities of our community and our Council.”