Hupačasath Celebrates Aboriginal Day with Salmon and a performance at Tsawaayuus

The Hupačasath Dance Group sang and danced at Tsawaayuus Rainbow Gardens in Port Alberni on Sunday in celebration of National Aboriginal Day. The dance group has two more dance practices before taking a break for the summer season. Thank you to Susan & Harry Lauder and Harry Lucas for keeping the culture alive in coordination with out dedicated community members.

Another successful Fish Day for Hupačasath members took place on Sunday where 180 Hupačasath’s got a fair share of sockeye salmon while practicing their aboriginal right to fish resulting in a joyful community focused Aboriginal Day. HFN had to acquire support for various costly alternative fishing methods rather than traditional methods to provide food fish for the community as the access to Papermill Dam isn’t the same as previous years. These methods included hiring community fishermen and a seine boat to harvest for the community under the communal fishery license XFSC 201 2015 issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. In this case they hired a seine boat to harvest their allowable catch in the Alberni Inlet in addition to the fishermen on Tsuumaas River during the afternoon Friday and down the Inlet in the evenings.

Hupačasath First Nation would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the many people that lent a helping hand this weekend to make Fish Day a success: Special thank you to Vanessa Charlong who managed the fish day event successfully on Sunday with the help of Tooie Casavant, Rodney Sayers and Graham Sayers. Thank you to our fishermen: Samson & Warren Lauder, Tommy, Roxanne & Lindsay Tatoosh, Steven Tatoosh and Bonnie Tom, and Bert McCarthy and Leighanne White. Thank you as well to Brian George, Jared Dick, Dylan Watts, Ed Newman, and Chaz Petursson for helping offload the seine boat on Sunday morning. And thank you to all Hupačasath members for cooperating and being patient while we continue to tweak our process during Fish Day.