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Administrative Data Mining and Entry Clerical Position.

Closing Date: 20 Jul 2017


Closing Date: 26 Aug 2021

The role of the COHI Aide is to act as an essential link between their COHI Provider and the community, to directly provide limited oral health services, and to be the face of oral health promotion in their community.

The COHI Aide works to enroll families in the COHI program, update medical histories, fill in paperwork, make home and community visits, and apply fluoride varnish. The COHI Aide is responsible for promoting oral health, providing oral hygiene education, implementing oral health prevention strategies and activities, and performing administrative and reporting duties.

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 26, 2021

DETAILS: COHI Aide Draft Posting August 12 2021

Community-Based Assistant (Contract)

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