2015 Election Results

Official count is now in for Hupačasath’s election held on Saturday April 4th, 2015. Another position was available this year from two Councils members to three Councillors in addition to the Chief Councillor.

There were 144 ballots cast in Hupačasath First Nation’s election with one ballot rejected in the Chief Councillor count. The count for Graham Sayers came in at 32 votes, and the count for Steven Tatoosh came in at 111, electing Tatoosh in for another term as Chief Councillor. Tatoosh is now serving his third term as elected Chief Councillor.

The count for Councillors came in as follows: Jolleen Dick 95, Brandy Lauder 77, Warren Lauder 92, and Jim Tatoosh 103. The elected Council consists of incumbent councillors Warren Lauder and Jim Tatoosh, as well as new councillor Jolleen Dick.  Terms for Hupačasath First Nation council are two years.