Upnit Power Corporation

Upnit Power Corporation runs a 6.5 MW, run-of-river, green hydroelectric project on China Creek on the outskirts of the Port Alberni city limits. During peak operation the plant produces enough electricity to power 6000 homes. This project started producing power in December of 2005 and had a total cost of approximately $14 million.

The Ownership Structure is as follows:

  • Hupačasath First Nation – 72.5%
  • Synex Energy Resources Ltd. – 12.5%
  • Ucluelet First Nation – 10%
  • City of Port Alberni – 5%

The Board of Directors are comprised of the following for each of the stakeholders:

  • Hupačasath (Warren Lauder, Steven Tatoosh)
  • Synex Energy (Greg Sunell)
  • Ucluelet First Nation (Tyson Touchie )
  • City of Port Alberni (Mayor Mike Ruttan)

The benefits of such a project allow for a diversification of economy and add to the electricity supply on VI (26 gigawatt-hours of electricity/year). The project will also employs 2 HFN members and will provide revenue to Hupačasath First Nation.