Hupačasath First Nation

Box 211 Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 7M7 Canada

Phone: 1.250.724.4041

Fax: 1.250.724.724.1232

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Staff Directory

Housing Coordinator

Art Van Volsen, Housing Coordinator
250-724-4041 ext 58

Youth & Elders Coordinator

Carolina Tatoosh
250-724-4041 ext 28

Comprehensive Community Planner

Gillian Nicol, Comprehensive Community Planner

Biologist/Fisheries Manager

Graham Murell
250-724-4041 ext 32

Communications Coordinator

Jolleen Dick
250-724-4041 ext 23

Accounting Technician

Margaret Onyschtschuk
250-724-4041 ext 22

Social Development Coordinator

Paulette Tatoosh

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Rick Hewson
250-724-4041 ext 31

Natural Resource Manager

Steven Tatoosh
250-724-4041 ext 26


Tracy Watts

Administrative Officer

Vanessa Charlong

Forestry Manager

Warren Lauder
250-724-4041 ext 27